​​​Professional Event Services Available:

Cage Rental:
 Basic one-day cage rental based on a 3 hour event. $2,500.00 plus tax

Ring Rental: Basic one-day ring rental based on a 3 hour event.    $1,200-$1,500 bASE pRICE  plus tax

Sound Tech:  
6 Channel Peavey Mixer / Amp. Two 15' Scorpion speakers with stands, 6 pack CD player, and 1 wireless AKG mic. $150.00 equipment  $25/ hr. for technician Professional 

Lighting:     Factory built ring lights adjustable from 1000 - 2000 watts. The lights attach to each corner pole, this results in a illuminated ring and a shadowed audience.  "A Great mood setter"  $250 - $2,000 (nOT AVAILABLE FOR EACH RING)

Announcer:"Voted BEST in Florida by numerous promoters".  The right M/C can make or break your show! $500 (3 hr. show. $50/hr O.T.)

Ring Girls: Your choice of attire: evening gown, bathing suit, etc. TBA $ hr

Security:   $15.00 hr